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Friday, July 15, 2016

Camera gear

Hi guys,

Just some pointers and things we make use of with the tight budget that we operate on... :-)

Energizer rechargeable batteries

Energizer rechargeable batteries. We use these for our flash/speedlites. They are great quality, holds charge well and have good recycle time when fully charged. Best stock up on these. It is a bit pricey upfront, but rather affordable if one considers the life span you get from them.

Canon battery grip

Canon battery grip. Well, you can buy a generic one for less and it honestly does the same thing, it's probably just a bit poorer quality materials. From my personal experience using a generic grip, the rubbery finish starts to come loose after a while. Suppose it's normal 'wear & tear'. This doesn't really happen with the original though. Maybe after many years of usage, but I have not come across it yet. 

As for the grip, well, I have big hands. Having the grip, firstly gives me a more comfortable hold and 'grip' on the camera. And being a 'vertical' grip, it allows for ease of use shooting portraits and having the shutter release button on it along with most controls used for whilst shooting on it. 

It also allows for a 2nd battery on those days when shooting whole day, like at a wedding. Another plus is that it comes with a 2nd cartridge that holds your normal AA batteries too. And here your ENERGIZER rechargeables come into play once again when your batteries go. 

Tokara tripod

Tokara tripod. We have a rather cheapie and flimsy tripod. Never used really until recently, to do filming and videography. If you're serious about videography especially, a tripod can become very important. A fluid head is then a must have. You might want to get a dolly and/or even some tracks and a proper rig. But as we go along we will share some more innovations we try to use to better our videography skills. For now, I use my car as a dolly to get nice smooth moving video. You need someone to drive the car though whilst you film. I rest the camera on a bean bag or bag of rice and it stabilises it. But a better tripod is definitely on the cards as a must get, once there are funds to do so.

Canon 600D

The rotational screen of the Canon 600D - great for getting unreachable angles

Canon 50mm focal lens

Canon 50mm focal lens, yippy for more light - better aperture. Here one have to zoom with your feet...lol. But considering the better light one gets from a focal lens, it's well worth it. My wife refuses to shoot with the focal lens. I on the other hand, love the magic I am able to accomplish with it. Allows much more light in and lets you get crisp clear pictures.

Phottix close-up lenses

Well, they not a macro lens, but nice to haves at a way more affordable price. Helps with taking close-up without being close up. Not having a macro lense, if you're too close you will notice that the lense won't focus. With these, you are able to be a bit further, so the lens will focus, but basically magnifies the lens's capability. I picked mine up a while ago from our friends at Studio22

There's still quite a few things we need and would like to improve on. Equipment is just very expensive and our 'rand' very weak. Yet, people don't quite understand why photographers charge what they do. So as a bucket list of photography/camera gear goodies and accessories, I would like to get the following:

Well, besides the tripod as mentioned above and possibly a tripod dolly, I really itch to get a low light high iso camera. The Sony A7s II, is quite a monster in this field. The price is quite a monster too. But one can dream hey... Think I will start with maybe a cheaper 2nd hand full frame Canon camera as the first stepping stone. 

Getting our own studio is something I hope to accomplish soon too...

With that, I bid you a pleasant Friday. Look out for our next post where I intent covering some more tips and info on memory cards, filters, studio lighting and maybe some editing tips. Till next time, thanks for reading and ciao ciao for now...ABDUL

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