Welcome to our website and online blog. We hope to illustrate our artwork and love for photography to you.

We will try to keep this updated with all our latest photography work, still shoots and videos. Be sure to also check back from time to time for our product reviews we do on various brands.

Also some stories, tips and run down of camera or photography gear we make use of. Hope you enjoy the journey with us...


We are professional photographers based in Cape Town, with several years of experience. Passionate about people, motoring, 'Cape Car Culture' and the art of photography.

Every photograph we capture, every video we shoot, tells a story. A story which words sometimes are not enough to explain. We love what we do and capture the raw essence, emotion and feel of what we shoot. We 'Capture' the 'Concept' and see our photography as an artform and means of expression.

  • Abdul Wahaab Patterson. Studied photography many years ago but mostly self-taught, as technology evolves all the time. Got my first camera at around the age of 10. Avid graphic designer. 

  • Rasheeqoh Patterson. Completely self-taught and the backbone of our business. Does most of our admin, PR and marketing work as well. Also self-taught MUA (make-up artist) with a keen eye for detail. Always keeps abreast with fashion and accessories.